/ Bizarrlady Missy Van Licks

Bizarrlady Missy Van Licks

Goddess of lust. Healer. Rebell.

Phone: +49 15224097997
EMail: missy-van-licks@gmx.de
by appointment


About me:

I am sensual, creative, passionate and quite demanding. My presence is enough

to guide and control the game. My looks will bring you to your knees.

My special voice will seduce you and make you understand how you can serve me in the best way.

You will learn to love and fear me at the same time. I promise to you!

Don't be fooled by my size or my petite body because inside me there is concentrated power. You will feel this mainly through my skillful hands.
I will curiously explore your body. A skillful alternation of tender and hard, cuddles and spanking will overwhelm you, make you moan.
My fingers will slowly get inside you and give you a taste of what awaits you in my kinky anal games. In this area I am an absolute master, let me tell you that.

Completely regardless of whether you are a beginner or already experienced. With me you are guaranteed to be in good hands. Tease and denial I love to play. I take full possession of your body and mind, study you and your innermost needs. I want to see, feel and hear your desire. Give me what I want and you will be richly rewarded. I can be touched, but of course only if I allow it.

In a session with me as your mistress you will quickly notice that my passion for domination burns like fire in me. Let me carry you away. Become a part of my world, full of opposites. Whether sadistic or playful and gentle. I will drive you out of your mind.

Are you a masochist? Or are you submissive? You are quite a wimp and you would like to serve as a toilet? You would do ANYTHING to get closer to such a beautiful goddess like me? Then let me tell you one thing: Make an effort, damn it! Swallow every single drop, you could be lucky and lick clean.

And did I already mention that my devoted slave can be included?
He is young, handsome to look at, and his petite body is all mine. If you've always had the fantasy of being part of an extravagant bi forced session, now you have the chance to do so! Well, is your fantasy running away with you? Do not hesitate to ask me about him ... He reads every wish from my lips, no matter how perverted and dirty it may be ...

“A captivatingly sassy lady who enjoys to satisfy and increase her own lust on your body and mind.”



  • Black

    * Touchable Dominanz
    * Bi Force
    * Anal play, Strap On, Dildo, Plug
    * Prostata Massage
    * Foot erotic, Foot slave
    * Hairdressing games, head shaving (wet, dry)
    * Flagellation, Cane Training
    * High Heels, Nylons
    * CBT, Chastity
    * Ballbusting
    * Electro Games
    * Tease & Denial, Dirty Talk
    * Nipple Tortur

    · Restraints of all kinds, shackles
    · Sensory deprivation

    * Facesitting
    * Feminization
    * Latex Fetisch, Latex slave, Heavy Rubber
    * Leather
    * Dirty Games NS, KV
    * Smoking Fetisch


    * Investigations of all kinds
    * Injections
    * Breath Control
    * Needles, Dilatoren
    * Fisting, extreme stretching

OV, GV, Vomit, Wrestling matches