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Madame Elysées

Playing with me is better than SEX!

Phone: +49 177 191 2726 (also Whats App)
EMail: madame.elysees@gmx.net 
by appointment


About me:

I am the bizarre erotic
I radiate PURE sex
I make your body shake

Translated from French, Madame Élysées means “paradise”!

Welcome to paradise my dear!
In my paradise Erotic and lustful, but also painful.
I am a sensual, curious, playful, dominant and somewhat sadistic lady.
I don't play a dominant role. I live this.
And have a lot of fun!
Are you - looking for an exciting, bizarre adventure? Then you are right with me! Put yourself in my hands. Trust me. Show your submission. Defend yourself. Enjoy the pleasure. And the pain.

I - a qualified psychologist, watch you closely. I put you in a trance.
I am interested in how you react to different stimuli. I enjoy taking advantage of your precarious situation. To make you moan. Of pain. Out of passion.

I am a trained masseuse. And love to explore your body in great detail. Front and back. From top to bottom. Tender to painful.

I am particularly enthusiastic about anal eroticism. Like most men. Surrender control, be completely passive. A spectacular experience!
“Figging” and chili oil are my favorites. Stimulates the blood circulation and gives you an orgasm of unbelievable intensity.

Deserve my attention. Learn. Bear the pain. Make an effort. Do not disappoint me. And don't you scream! I carefully introduce the new slave to his role. Test your limits. And expand them, piece by piece. But forbearance is a stranger to me. Only consequence leads to the desired educational success! I mercilessly punish mistakes and a lack of commitment. Hard and painful. And with enthusiasm.
My favorite instruments: whip, whip, paddle, clamps and my hands. Punishment is needed. Give me a reason ... So make an effort. If I'm satisfied with you, maybe you can clean my heels or try something NS.

My services: slapping, spanking, slave education, trampling, bondage, strap-on, forced shave, foot erotic, facesitting, clamps, raw stick, wax games, breath reduction, anal erotic, lingam, testicular massage, tantric massage, nylon fetish, latex, NS, KV without ingestion (" Dung beetle education ”, Dirty Game), food games.