Corona-Up-to-date information on the use of the studio for guests and tenants

Since August 8th, sexual services without intercourse are allowed again.

In closed premises a mouth and nose protector will be worn, please do not appear without it.

When entering the institute please wash your hands directly

Guests who do not feel healthy, please don't come (dry cough/respiratory infection)

Important, we have attendance forms to fill out on site:
The attendance documentation may only be used for contact tracing in accordance with infection protection law and must contain the following information:

First name and surname
Phone number
full address or e-mail address
Attendance time

The documentation of attendance in accordance with sentence 1 shall be kept or stored for a period of four weeks after the end of the event or use of a service, protected from inspection by third parties, and handed over to the competent authority on request if it is established that a person was ill, suspected of being ill, suspected of being infected or was a dropout within the meaning of the Infection Protection Act at the time of the event, visit or use of the service. After expiry of the retention period, the attendance documentation must be deleted or destroyed.