The following information answers frequently asked questions.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes, a personal appointment with the lady is essential.n

Are appointments made by the studio itself?

No, we ask that the mail exchange and telephone calls are communicated directly with the lady.n

How is payment made?

In cash or by bank transfer in advancen

How long does a preliminary talk take and does it cost?

It varies a lot, around 10 minutes, it's free and doesn't count towards the booked time.nAnything beyond that is a form of agreement, or you think about it beforehand and write down your preferences and taboos.nThen bring them with you to your conversation, sometimes you get so nervous that you forget everything :)n

Can I bring a dog?

For hygienic reasons, guests are not allowed to bring pets

I'm under 18, can I still come?

No, of course not, you are only allowed to visit an SM studio from the age of 18.

How much earlier before an appointment can I arrive?

Basically, punctuality would be recommended, but 5 minutes before is also okay.

Can I show up naked or in fetish gear?

Not naked, of course, and if the special outfit is not too conspicuous, I'm happy to do so.

Can I bring my own latex?

Yes of course, otherwise we have everything in stock at the Fetisch Institut.


Is smoking allowed in your rooms?

No, smoking is strictly forbidden in the play area

Is the entrance easy to find and is it discreet?

It's the 2nd door from the left, it also says 22, you can't tell from the outside that we're a BDSM studio.

Is there parking in front of the entrance?

We do not have private parking lots, but there is always the possibility to find a parking space nearby. nWe recommend planning an additional 10 minutes for this.