/ Terms & house rules

1. Admission to the Fetisch Institut for minors under 18 years of age is strictly prohibited.

2. Tenants and guests enter the premises discreetly.

3. Smoking in the playing areas is prohhibited, as well as wax games.

4. Photo and video shooting are possible by arrangement.

5. The use of the furniture and equipment is at yout own risk.

6. The operator is not liable for any health or other damages that may result from the use of these.

7. The guestes of the tenants are obliged, in case of health restrictions, to notify this in order to exclude any risks.

8. Practices that are hazardous to health are prohibited in the Fetisch Institut.

9. The operator is not liable for the wardrobe or personaly brought items or clothing.

10. For grossly negligent damage, the person causing the damage ist liable to the full extent.

11. The tenants are responsible for the content of their profiles on our website. They provide for their direct accessibility via mobile phone number and/or e-mail address.

12. In case of cancellation of private rentals within 24 hours, there is no free replacemant date. Cancellations will be retainted 100%.

13. Toys please use only with condom, thank you.