/ Studio for rent

Informations for our studio to rent

You have the option to rent the premises of the Fetisch Institut. Professional ladies and gentleman (with experience) have the opportunity to rent space on an independent basis.


70 € / hour
185 € / day
(09 o'clock till 02 o'clock) - only for professionals

Reservations under df-institut@gmx.de

The Fetish Institute offers 4 individual rooms for play, 2 shower rooms, a private room. There is provided the milking machine Venus 2000, electrical gyn, F * ckmachine, St. Andrew's cross, Bock , masks, latex bed, chains, latex suits,Massager, Vibration terminals, DWT clothes, standing cage, electric plugs, electric terminals, electric loops, Wartenberg wheels, Strap-on, mouth gag, steel chains,HW neckcorsetnchastity belts, suspension, cages , Hospital, Toilet chair, TV mask, latex gloves, Latex Socks, Latex pussy Mask, Latex sacks, Latex straitjacket, Corset Mask of Rubbers Finest with toggle and much more.

Room for rent in private

The Fetish Institute offers private couples at its premises for private use. Couples have the opportunity to live outside the professional scene her affections in a relaxed atmosphere. Booking df.institut@gmx.de

Photos of the studio can be found here [STUDIO PHOTOS]