/ Goddess Vanessa

Bizarrlady Goddess Vanessa

Sweet as sugar and a Strict, Exacting, Ruthless Sadist


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About me:

A playful creative force fuels my Dominatrix practise. Sensing complete subservience makes me
wet; I demand it, cultivate it, you will feel safe under my sensitive, sweet command, falling into
the sub-state trance.
I am an Empress-Goddess who will make you forget your limits. I am a sweet sadist who will
caress your face while you lie under my feet. You will beg to please me in every way. I will grin
when your struggle turns into pleasure and desire. You will surrender and give yourself to me
With my stern British accent I hold your gaze, your mind and your imagination, encouraging you to
reach the level and limits I demand of you. I love to play with your ego physically and mentally,
treating you like a piece of furniture, sitting on your face or actualising new creative inspirations
that I include in a hypnosis. I love to make you watch me with a hot girl or a big guy, knowing you
must swallow all the juices after. I specialise in training you to satisfy my sadistic desires… I will
stretch and twist, I will use you with all kinds of toys until you can't take any more. I will play with
your holes, deep and wet. I will use the spikes of my heels on your body.
I love using you as my pet, training you to obey me, playing games and using you as a toilet. I can
be a sadistic cat, teaching you to be a pathetic dog or a well trained, well groomed pony. I love to
turn you into a beautiful sissy girl. To guide you as my living doll so you can show me beautiful
I am an experimentalist at heart and so love to discover your personal desires and create unique
states of submission. I take satisfaction stoking the flames of your fantasies and watching them
grow. However some of my favourite experiences have included: Abduction scenarios, Sensory
deprivation with hypnosis, Bondage, Pee play (with preparation I always have an impressive
amount), Impact play, pain play, stretching holes, Trampling, general Psychological games, training
submissive’s into service, tease and denial and chastity play. As well as double sessions, lesbian
cuckolding with other hot Dominatrixes and gender play.
I would love to work more with Shabari, Needle play, Public play (only for regular clients) and
Hypnosis. I also love to Dominate from a far and offer longer term Chastity options for a
monthly fee.
I love to play with all genders, sexualities, ages, abilities, levels of experience and couples. It is
important that we communicate before the session connecting us through trust in order to fulfil
fantasies and hold boundaries. I play according to the SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual) & RACK
(Risk-Aware Consensual Kink)
I have the soul and temperament of a true artist and cannot be tamed. If you are lucky enough to
enter my world you will never want to leave
As well as being a Dominatrix, I studied Politics and Philosophy, Photography and I currently also
work as an Artist, Curator and Activist. I love to learn and grow in all these areas and my sessions
are an extension of this. I came to this work very naturally, it felt like the perfect combination of my
experience growing up performing, modelling, and creating reflective artworks which examine and
question the realities we live within. Over my four years of professional experience and further
years of personal BDSM practise I have honed my skills and style as a playful, sweet and sadistic
Goddess, supporting you to expand your perspective and BDSM goals. We become more
connected each time we meet especially during longer sessions where we can enter a deeper
meditative state.
In my spare time I train in pole dancing so have the grace and strength to fix you at my whim.
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  • Psychological submission training / CBT / NS / Tease & Denial / Chastity / Abduction scenarios /
    Bondage / Sensory deprivation / Shibari / Anal Training / Strap-on / Deep-throat Training /
    Dominant GV / Dominant OV / Ball Busting / Pet Play / Physical Humiliation / Psychological
    Humiliation / Medical Inspection / Heat play / Feminisation / Slut training / Face-sitting / Foot
    Worship / Heel Worship / Forced bi / Ruined Orgasms / Spanking / Lesbian Cuckolding / Milking /
    Urethra play / Sissyplay / Nylons / Latex / Leather / Trampling / Public Play / Dirty games/
    Electrical play / Duo domination / Impact play / Needle Play / Catheter Play / Couples / Beginners /

Vomit / Age Play / Race Play / Extreme medical play