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Luna von Theben

Phone: +49 176 232 122 32
EMail: LunaVonTheben@gmx.de
by appointment


About me:

A cold welcome from your queen of the damned!

Luna von Theben is my name! I am your Mistress!

I revived out of the dark empire looking now for new recruited slaves to fulfill my needs!

Be my sufficient novice for my darkest games, but before that, you must apply accurately, of course!

We start with just meet to get us known in order to increase wildly from session to session unless you have learnt enough for my incredible ultimate Mastersessions.

Let me lead you into my very special word through dark fantasies, bizarre Teasings full of female strength and perhaps, but only perhaps, you earn some sweet carrot.

So look at me and lay down your real ego off. Follow my voice to enter into the mystic world of strangest lust into a new reality. You will love to be the man that I created.


  • - berührbare Domina

    - bizarre Erotik

    - erotische Rollenspiele jeder Art

    - von sanft bis sadistisch hart

    - Diener, Lustobjekt, Lecksklave, Damen - WC, ...

    - Fußerotik von Fußbank, Fußabtreter, Fußverehrung, Trampling

    - NS- Spiele

    - Vomit

    - Menstruationsspiele, Blutspiele

    - Facesitting

    - Dildo- Spiele, Strapon,

    - Fixierung

    - Atemreduktion

    - Strombehandlung

    - Latex, Leder, Lack, High Heels, Stiefel, Nylon, Strumpfhose

    - Ohrfeigen, Anspucken, Kitzeln,

    - Analspiele jeglischer Art

    - Verhörspiele, Uniform, Klinik- Fetisch, Petspiele